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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Ladybirds and Butterflies

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Things to know:

Our PE days are Mondays and Fridays.

Home Learning: We look at both home learning books every Tuesday.

The home reading book box will be put outside every Friday afternoon so you can choose your reading book with your child.  If you are unsure on your child's reading phase you can find this written  in your child's home learning diary.

All pupils will be tested weekly: Spellings -Wednesday

                                            Maths- Thursday

All Letters

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Please watch the video to see how to form each letter of the alphabet (letters are in phonic progression order).
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We had great fun at the Sea City Museum!

We spent our morning experiencing the life of a Titanic passenger and creating our very own Titanic ships using ink. We matched different smells such as smelly socks, tea and biscuits and washing powder to the different rooms on board the Titanic. We also took part in sinking our own Titanic in a Science experiment.

We then spent our afternoon exploring the museum, dressing up and carrying out a scavenger hunt!



Number fact practise.


Please use the online games below to practise your number facts.

Click links


Funky Mummy


Hit the Button



Phonics Support


We are having a Phonics Home Learning Focus in Year 1.


Here are some phonic links to support your child at home.




We have been continuing our longitudinal studies of seasonal changes and butterflies and ladybirds.


We took a wellie-walk around the school site on the hunt for creatures. We also started to look at the changes that are happening to our school grounds particularly in the meadow.


Q What changes did you see?

"Flowers are starting to grow and the meadow grass is getting long. It's ready for the baby animals."

Maths Learning


We have been learning about 2d (flat) and 3d (fat) shapes in our Maths learning.


We have been naming shapes, finding their properties (sides, vertices, edges, faces) and making shapes using different resources.


Take a look at our pictures to see our learning.

Open Box Theatre Group - Titanic Workshop


We were visited by the Open Box Theatre group who took us on a trip on the didn't end so well!

What facts can you remember about the Titanic?

Art - Pointism - Easter Themed


We created some Easter Egg cards to take home using the art technique of pointism.

Q What is pointism?

"It's when you use a cotton bud to do lots of dots with paint to fill your picture with colour. It's really fun!"

RE Learning - Hinduism - Storytelling


During our RE lessons we have been looking at the 'Big Idea' of Storytelling.


We have been listening to lots of different Hindu stories and then thinking about how these stories link to the stories we grew up in.


We made masks to wear during our Storytelling and then acted out some of the Hindu Stories we had heard.

                      Happy new year from year 1!                         

We have kick started the new year with a new topic 'Fairy Tales'.  We have been looking carefully at the detail of castles and buildings and have been sketching our own. 

A Princess has snuck into our year 1 role play area and has left us a note asking for our help...

"Help! Help!

I have been locked away in the tower of this castle and I will not be let out until you discover which Princess I am."

By sorting and sequencing some mystery photos that were found by her Castle, finding a very, very, very long piece of hair and using our prior 'Little Red Riding Hood' knowledge we came to the conclusion that it might be RAPUNZEL!

                                                              Welcome to PEEP!

PEEP has been a real success over the last year. With the support of the year one parents who have engaged in this parent workshop since the summer of 2016, PEEP has grown in strength and become more popular this year.

It was lovely to see the case study, that was produced through your hard work and engagement of the programme, being published recently. You are now the expert PEEPERS and are ready to take the lead on the sessions with a some support from the school.

 Click on the link below to take a look.


Here are a few photos taken from the Christmas celebrations. Can you see the changes in the children since they first began school?

Keep checking for more updated photos each week.

Handwriting Support


Please check out the videos below to see how to form each letter correctly. Letters appear in the video in phonic phase order.


Tricky words and digraphs to follow.

Small Letters

Still image for this video
Please watch the video to see how to form small letters (letters are in phonic progression order).

Letters with Ascenders

Still image for this video
Please watch the video to see how to form letters with ascenders (letters are in phonic progression order).
Please note we have modelled both styles of k.

Letters with Descenders

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Please watch the video to see how to form letters with descenders (letters are in phonic progression order).

It's Christmas....

Year 1 ball skills



A big congratulations to those children who participated in the ball skills competition at Horndean Technology College on Tuesday 21st November 17.  We were placed 2nd out of 12 other schools. A big well done! Great team work!


Ronda Armitage

Our author of the month (November) is Ronda Armitage. We have been reading lots of Ronda Armitage books in school.

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English - Non-Fiction Writing

We have started our new unit of non-fiction writing.


We are linking it to our class creatures and our Science lessons (animals including humans). We started our learning by investigating the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. We talked about the differences and sorted books into non-fiction and fiction.


We then started to look at the features of these non-fiction texts and labelled the features of a simple information page.


We have also watched a clip of a video about underwater animals and generated our own questions about things we would like to find out. We used question words such as 'Who, Why, When, How, Did, Can' and made sure every sentence had a question mark '?' at the end.

Jill Murphy

Our author of the month (October) is Jill Murphy. We have been reading lots of Jill Murphy books in school.

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Room on the Broom -Julia Donaldson

Our author of the month (September) is Julia Donaldson. We have been reading lots of Julia Donaldson books in school.


Coincidentally we had a "witch" lose all her items (a hat, a sock, a skirt, a broom) in our school grounds. We investigated what could have happened and have used this as inspiration in our English lessons.


Over the last couple of weeks the witch has left us clues about who she is and what could have happened. She wrote a letter back to Molly, lent us her story book of 'Room on the Broom' and even sent us a video of her adventure.


Check out the pictures below of all the exciting things that have happened so far.


Maths - Ordering and understanding number


We have been learning about number in Year 1. We have been using lots of resources to understand and order a range of numbers. Number formation is really important so we have been using our maths toolboxes to help with this.


Check out our learning photos below.

Class Creatures


We have been searching for our class creatures, Lucy Ladybird and Ben Butterfly, around the school grounds. We have been looking at where would be a good place for our creatures to live. We have thought about what they would need to survive and be healthy.


Check out our learning photos below.