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All pupils take up the option of a hot school meal at Springwood. Packed lunches are provided by HC3s school caterers, for offsite visits and special events in school.

What Hampshire School Caterers can Offer

Springwood Infant School Jacket Potato Menu

HC3S can provide special diets for pupils with allergies and intolerances. Special diets are provided for pupils with a medical problem, not just a dislike of certain food. HC3S will require medical evidence confirming your child’s allergy.


Our standard primary school menu is nut free. Our ingredients are manufactured in a nut free environment so all children can eat our standard menu without having to register for a special diet.


Parents will need to complete the form and take it to their doctors for signing. Once completed, please return it to school whereby we will scan the form and email it directly to HC3S. There is normally a 10 school day turnaround before the menu is created. School will be in touch once this has been received to agree implementation of the special diet.

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