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Pondskaters - Hemiptera (Year 2)

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2, we have a busy year ahead of us with lots of fantastic learning opportunities.  We've already planned our off-site visits for the term and are excited to watch you learn and grow!


Below are some photos from last year's Year 2 to give you a snapshot of what there is to look forward to, as well as photos of this year's cohort.  This page will show Year 2's Art, Geography and DT learning.  Look on the Dragonflies class page for Year 2's learning in other subject areas.


Our Maths Mornings are continuing to run every Monday morning 8.45-9.15.  Your support is greatly appreciated by staff and children alike so please pop along.


Please feel free to explore our pages and check what we have been up to.  Remember, the notice board outside Year 2 contains lots of useful information relating to what is going on in school (as long as it hasn't frozen shut again!).  

Some pupils from Year 2 attended a two night residential at Minstead in the New Forest.  Here are photos from Day 2.  Check out Dragonflies page for more photos.
Year 2 had a brilliant Circus Skills Workshop.  They showed off their scarf juggling, balancing, trapeze walking and plate spinning skills to their parents in a short performance.  As part of their DT learning Year 2 designed, prepared and sold sweet treats making £78.62, £14.50 of that in profits.

The Storyteller - World Book Day warm-up

Year 2 were once again visited by the Storyteller who brought his box of inspiring props, including a variety of musical instruments, to entertain us.  He told us two wonderful stories based on the story of Cinderella.  However, by simply changing the characteristics of the characters and the setting the stories came completely to life.  We will be doing some writing based on today's events - keep an eye out in Year 2.
Year 2 worked extremely hard on creating their clay heads.  They used a variety of techniques including pinching, pushing, smoothing, blending and using slip.  Their clay heads are now on show in Year 2.  Why not come along and have a look?  The children even attached added detail to their clay heads in the form of a ruff for King James I and a hat for Guy Fawkes.  Can you work out how they've attached the hat and collar to the clay?

Portrait work - Exploring Graded Pencils

The children have been exploring the artist Leonardo Da Vinci and his portrait of Mona Lisa. The children then explored graded pencils and the different effects they create. Which one produces a bold and dark line? Which pencil would you use for a faint line?  At home, explore the artist Vincent Van Gogh, which was studied in year 1. Can they find out how he produced portraits and look into the effect of cross hatching?

What a fabulous day we had in London. The children's behaviour was outstanding and they were a credit to our school. Comments from the public illustrated the children's brilliant behaviour. We are so proud of year 2- well done!



Remembrance, Poppy Wreaths and London preparation!

As Year 2 prepare for their Off-site Visit for London, they have begun making poppies to create a poppy wreath.  Some of the pupils will lay their wreath at the cenotaph in London, the site of the National Remembrance Day service which is attended by the Prime Minister, as well as the Royal Family. 

Twelve geographers and historians from year 2 visited Portsmouth and Southsea. Their challenge was to find out about work, leisure, travel and history. The children enjoyed spotting different types of transport and linking it back to their learning about the Victorians. Would the Victorian's have used a bus or a taxi? What would they have used instead? They then noticed things that people could do for leisure and why Portsmouth and Southsea is attractive for people to visit. The children thought that the fun fair and Gunwharf was attractive to families and adults. We also noticed that some people work in Portsmouth and Southsea and investigated how people commute to work. Has the new Park and Ride decreased congestion and pollution? The children spotted historical clues all over Portsmouth and Southsea. They noticed that some roads were not made from tarmac but they were made from cobbles instead. Some buildings were made from stone instead of bricks, but we were careful to notice which buildings were new, but were made to look old.

Can you find any more information about the history of Portsmouth?

After making some fantastic 3D clay models of their class creatures on transition day (see Dragonflies page), the children continued their investigation into sculpture, but this time using a different medium.  Newspapers and elastic bands were the only tools allowed to be used.  Year 2 thought of imperative verbs, including twist, turn, rip, tear, to describe what they were doing when manipulating the newspaper.  Teamwork was key and the pupils have set themselves a high standard for the rest of the year.
Year 2 had a fantastic start to the year pond dipping in our school environment.  We had made predictions on transition day in July about how the pond and the wildlife might have changed between then and September.  Many of our predictions were correct, with the Pondskaters growing in size, and fewer damsel flies.  We were lucky to see some dragonflies too.  We even managed to spot a fox and her cub in the woodland.
Year 2, 2014-2015

The penultimate week of the summer term proved a busy one for Year 2.  The Year 2 performance, Pirates versus Mermaids, went off with a bang and the children demonstrated how much they have grown during the year.


The Minstead residential and wire workshops swiftly followed.  Parents were welcomed into school with their children to create fantastic wire lily pads with Miss Brown and Mrs Goodwin, whilst Miss Melly and Mrs Livingstone took some children to Minstead for a two night residential.


There are photos of the wire workshops on the Dragonflies page, and more photos of the performance and Minstead on the Pondskaters web-page. 

Year 2 excelled in their performance of 'Pirates versus Mermaids'.  They spoke clearly and all joined in with the fabulous songs!  We even made and decorated biscuits to sell to buy a present for one of our classmates and raised a fantastic £86.  Thank you to all who came to watch, and especially to parents for providing their costumes.

Research visit to Hayling Fair

Farm to Fork - Healthy Hearts Expert Group

Following our learning about the Hindu Festival of Holi, and using our knowledge of Diwali from Year One, we created our own Hindu art.  We created Rangoli patterns, using our colour wheels to think about the complimentary primary and secondary colours.  We used a mixture of poster paint and PVA glue to carefully go round the outline of our shape. We used Brusho Ink, which turns water a different colour as if by magic, to fill in the gaps.
World Book Day started with a bang when a Storyteller came in.  He wowed us with his memory - he knew so many stories!  He told us three tales, similar to traditional tales in England, but these stories came from other cultures....we heard a story from Ghana and one from North America!  Music accompanied his performances and brought his amusing stories to life...

We had a fantastic day at Chichester Cathedral where we took part in a number of workshops which were centered around the collapse of the Spire in the 1800s.  We heard the story of the events leading up to and after the events and ordered some photos; we working hard as historians to use sources to help inform our knowledge.  We explored the Cathedral and searched for evidence which could help us prove who was to blame for the spire's collapse.  Some wonderful drama from the volunteers at the Cathedral acted out a courtroom scene (similar to our trial of Guy Fawkes!) and we determined who was to blame!


Our maths, science and design technology skills were then called upon as we built structures which would rival those of the original builders of the Cathedral!  An art session finished off our day where we worked with metal to emboss an image of the Cathedral.


Staff at the Cathedral were very impressed with Year 2 and commented on how they "worked well in small teams all supporting each other and allowing everyone to have a turn with no fuss".  They stated that the children were "a real credit to [our] school" - well done Year 2!  A wonderful day was had by all, with one pupil daringly offering that it was "the best trip we've had so far!"


If you can't spot your child in these photos, why not look on the Dragonflies page?

Some budding Artists from Year Two went to Chichester Cathedral to find out more about Gargoyles.  We now know that they are grotesque figures and are used as a source of plumbing!  We turned our hands to making clay gargoyles, settling for a straw to be used instead of a metal pipe.  Why not compare our finished results here (now on display in Year 2) with our clay heads of Guy Fawkes and King James I from last term (now on display outside Year 3).


Staff at the Cathedral felt that the children were "well behaved and focused and listened well", making "individual gargoyles which they should be proud of".  Well done to those children who attended the visit!

The BFG - writing workshop

Some of Year 2 had a wonderful writing workshop about the BFG at Marlborough Infant School.  They had a morning of drama where they explored caves, pretended to be dreams and acted as giants.  In the afternoon they produced some wonderful writing.


Staff at Marlborough Infant School (and Miss Melly) agree that the children "worked really hard and did some lovely writing".  Well done you!


Check out the Dragonflies class page for more photos!

Year Two had a fantastic trip to Butser Ancient Farm where we explored life in the Iron Ages.  We had a chance to sit in a replica Iron Age House and took part in some brilliant activities including chalk carving, archaeology, spinning and wattling.  Despite the weather we had a really enjoyable day and came back with some new historical knowledge.


Staff at the centre were very impressed with our pupils saying they were both "enthusiastic and well behaved".  Well done Year Two!


Check out the Dragonflies page for more photos!

Making an Iron Age Granary Store

Hansel and Gretel, discovering the story

We had such a successful trip to London, the children truly loved it. Each group had their own special day, where they went off in expert groups to explore various events in London. When we arrived, everyone was blown away by the London Eye, a really special experience for the children. They even got to enjoy the 4D experience! Some went off to the cenotaph and Horse Guards to watch the changing of the Guards. Others went off to explore the Houses of Parliament and take part in some Guy Fawkes Drama.


Some lucky commuters were helped by the Springwood Geography team, by helping them navigate their way to Tower Hill on the London Underground. We went on a short trip on the underground from London's busy Waterloo station to the darkest depths of the Jubilee Line. From there we travelled a short hop, skip and a jump to Westminster where we got off to see Big Ben.


Children also paid their respects at the Battle of Britain RAF war memorial, where they also laid a poppy wreath which they made in school.


The Thames Clipper was an exciting journey off up the Thames to Greenwich Market. Whilst some children got to explore the hustle and bustle of the local market stores and taste some exotic cuisine, others where monitoring London's busy traffic by conducting a traffic survey.


A truly brilliant day!

Open Box Theatre

Year 2 had a fantastic day exploring the Victorian Seaside with the Open Box Theatre group.  We travelled back in time to 1887, travelled on a steam train, ate penny licks, rode donkeys and watched a Punch and Judy show.


We even had a chance to explore real life Victorian artefacts which we decided belonged to a Victorian child who had travelled to the seaside.

Portsmouth and Southsea

Welcome to our cool trip to Southsea and Portsmouth! The kids really did have a fab day.

Throughout the day the children really started to get to grips with the human and physical features of our local environment. We looked beyond the obvious and really tried to get to grips with why Portsmouth is such a fab tourist location.

children flourished as they interviewed the public at the Train station, asking them where they had come from and how much their journey had cost them. As the day went on, their confidence continued to grow, which allowed them to interview the public at Gunwharf Quays to find out what method of transport they had used to get there, as well as the purpose for their visit.


Some groups went off to find out how much it would cost to get to London Waterloo, whilst others surveyed the busy bus station hub at the hard. The children were worked hard and walked a fair few miles with a well earned rest on the common. Mr Wood was delayed as the fire service asked his group to take part in a demonstration all about smoke alarm safety and house rescue. To those parents who have seen them, good luck with the pokers!

The children enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the diverse city and really got to grips with the trade and commerce that centres around the seafront area. They spent time looking at various sea traffic and tried to find out the purpose of its journey! We did chuckle when we spotted a fuel tanker and a few of the children's reply was "my mum buys her fuel from there!'' We never new so many of our parents had amphibious vehicles.

It was a really good day and there are lots of other photos around the school and on the dragonflies page! Do come and enjoy them soon.



Mr Wood