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Dragonflies - Anisoptera (Year 2)

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2, we have a busy year ahead of us with lots of fantastic learning opportunities.  We've already planned our off-site visits for the term and are excited to watch you learn and grow!


Below are some photos from last year's Year 2 to give you a snapshot of what there is to look forward to, as well as photos of this year's cohort.  On the Dragonflies page you will find photos of our Science, RE and History learning.  For other subjects, please look on the Pondskaters class page.


Our Maths Mornings are continuing to run every Monday morning 8.45-9.15.  Your support is greatly appreciated by staff and children alike so please pop along.


Please feel free to explore our pages and check what we have been up to.  Remember, the notice board outside Year 2 contains lots of useful information relating to what is going on in school (as long as it hasn't frozen shut again!).  

Some pupils went to Minstead in the New Forest for two nights.  Here are photos from Day 1...check out Day 2 and 3 on the Pondskater page.

Year 2 had a wonderful day learning to juggle scarves, spin plates, use pai-pai balls and walk the tight rope.  A performance to parents allowed the pupils to show off their new-found talents.  Year 2 had worked hard on DT food projects prior to the event, and managed to raise £78.62.  Fantastic!


Check out Pondskaters page for more photos from the day.

Well done Year 2 on a very successful Sports Day.  In the build up to the event all pupils worked hard to improve their technique, and competed against each other to win a place in the different races.
Year 2 had an amazing day when Iron Age Matt and Iron Age Toby came to visit us for the day.  We were transformed into an Iron Age Tribe with a Chief, Champion and warriors.  Did you know that in the Iron Age times even 4 year olds were expected to fight?  We made our own spear tips and shields to defend ourselves with, learning about hill forts which were the first line in Iron Age defence.  An afternoon of learning how to fight with a spear (no mean feat when it's the same heigh as you) and sword training left us ready to experience life as an Iron Age warrior.
An expert group of Year 2 children visited Butser Ancient Farm for a breezy morning's time-walk back to the Iron Age.  We had a fantastic morning exploring the Iron Age Round Houses, and had an opportunity to examine a Stone Age, Roman and Saxon building.  We acted as archaeologists digging up old artefacts, and had a go at wattling by weaving willow sticks in between posts.  We found lout lots of different facts, though I think our favourite had to be that the Iron Age people kept the colour in their wool by soaking the wool in their own urine - yuck!
An expert visit led us to Winchester Science Museum.  We had a fantastic day experimenting with all of the exhibits.  A workshop taught us all about how to be a real scientist, with opportunities to experiment with test tubes, pipettes and lots of opportunities to make predictions.  

A group of year 2 experts visited Tesco in Havant to learn about food and where it comes from. The children went into the bakery to see how the bread was made. Do you know what the main ingredients are to make bread? The bakers make at least 250 loaves of bread each day!

The children also explored the fridges and freezers. Can you predict how cold they were? The freezer was so cold that is was minus degrees!

We then explored the fresh foods and found out where different products come from. Can you remember where the mackerel was caught? What was the furthest place that some fruits came from? Why do you think it was grown that far away?

Look at the pictures and think about the food groups that each product belongs to: Vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fats and oils or dairy.

Year 2 had a special visit from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. Did you know that there are real life super heroes.. in the UK... in Hampshire? The Air Ambulance team saved 620 lives last year! What is an air ambulance? Why is it good to have both air and road ambulances? Who do you need in the crew to fly an air ambulance? What do you do in an emergency?

Remember, the first thing you should do it shout for help, then you can phone 999 from a mobile. Ask the people who look after you to show you how you could make that 999 call if you were in trouble. Look at the scenarios to see whether you should or shouldn't call 999!

An expert group from Year 2 visited Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard to experience a 'Victorian Christmas'. The children enjoyed walking and dancing through the cobbled streets covered in snow, whilst smelling roasted chestnuts. We spoke to Victorian and pre Victorian police officers. Did you know that they never changed from their uniforms? Can you remember how the officers communicated to each other? Did they have radios and mobile phones? The children met rich Victorians , who were attending a tea party, and also homeless Victorians. Did you know they used to wash in rivers? Their hygiene wasn't like ours of today, they never brushed their teeth or changed their clothes!


The children visited the Christmas markets and even tried some fudge. As you can see from the pictures, it was not very popular. Guess what! We saw Father Christmas and he was green! He said we must have tidy rooms so he can see we treat our toys with respect, then we will get more toys at Christmas! We were even part of a brass band and played sleigh bells to join in on their performance.


What a brilliant day we had... now we are even more excited for Christmas!

Visit to Sacred Hearts Church, Angels

An expert group of Year 2 pupils visited Sacred Hearts Catholic Church in Waterlooville.  Having had a fantastic day of RE learning around the concept of Angels the day before, the pupils were full of knowledge about how Angels act as messengers within the Bible.  They asked some wonderful questions before exploring the layout of the Church and making comparisons between St George's Protestant Church and the Catholic Church.  The font sparked memories of our Baptism learning from the term before.

A visit from the Royal British Legion

With Remembrance Sunday fast approaching and poppies being sold in school, Year 2 were honoured to be visited by Peter, a retired RAF soldier who now works for the British Legion.  He answered some of the questions Year 2 asked and showed us his medals and his father's medals which were earned during World War 1.  Peter brought the Standard which is used in the Horndean Remembrance Service and he re-enacted a Remembrance service with us.  Macey pretended to be the Queen and laid a wreath, whilst others laid crosses to remember and thank those who fought in the wars.

Here are just a few photos from our fantastic off-site visit to London.  These photos show Miss Melly, Mrs Melly and Miss Parker's groups.  For photos of the other groups, please look on the Pondskater's web page.


We had a fantastic day and we all earned a medal for fitness covering almost 4 miles, a long way for little legs.  We arrived at the London Eye and crossed the River Thames, spotting the Houses of Parliament, the Queen's Tower and the clock which hid Big Ben.  We hurried to Horse Guards Parade where the local police informed us about the horses names and that they all have a number.  Did you know the horses retire aged 18?  Miss Melly was quite jealous!  As we neared Buckingham Palace we heard drums and trumpets and saw the changing of the guard.  We also spotted Queen Victoria on a statue opposite the palace.  Most importantly we could see the Royal Standard flying above the palace which meant she was there!  We didn't see her though.


Following this we took a ride on the Thames Clipper and explored a tunnel under the Thames at Greenwich before settling down, exhausted, on the coach home. 


The children were an absolute credit to the school with members of the public watching in admiration as they moved seamlessly through the crowds.  Well done!

Remembrance, Poppy Wreaths & London Preparation

As Year 2 prepare for their Off-site Visit for London, they have begun making poppies to create a poppy wreath.  Some of the pupils will lay their wreath at the cenotaph in London, the site of the National Remembrance Day service which is attended by the Prime Minister, as well as the Royal Family. 

We were extremely fortunate to be entertained by the Open Box Theatre group today who transported us back to the past to the Victorian times.  The pupils amazed them, and us, with their wide knowledge about the Victorian seaside, building upon the knowledge used in their non-chronological report write earlier this term.


You can see the enjoyment on their faces as they travelled back in time to experience life as a privileged Victorian child.  They took a steam train to the beach where they watched an oom-pah band at the band stand, rode donkeys, took part in sandcastle building competitions, ate fish and chips and penny licks, and walked along the pier. 


These in-house visitors really give our pupils a time to shine, with the presenters saying that they had had "a wonderful morning" and that the children were "a real delight".  Well done Year 2!

An Expert visit went with Miss Melly and Mrs Lewis to St George's Church.  Father Mike was extremely welcoming and taught us some key vocabulary:  pew, altar, organ, font.  Do you know what these are?  Look in the photos and see if they can give you some clues!


Father Mike first took us around his church, showing us the different parts.  He took us into the old part of the Church which is hidden away.  We observed the stained glass windows and recalled our learning from last year.  St George, the Saint of the Church, and St Richard, the Saint of Chichester Cathedral were all visible in the photos.


We then baptised Ellie Scarlett, our doll.  Alyssa and Cameron took on the role of parents, Tegan and Carson were the godparents.  We used the Holy water to make a cross on the babies face.  It was a fantastic experience, with Seren and Ellis recalling their younger siblings' baptism.

Alan Mak,MP for Havant and Stakes

Alan Mak,MP for Havant and Stakes 1


We were very fortunate to be visited by Alan Mak, the current MP for Havant. His constituency includes our school and catchment area. The children were excited to meet a real MP, building on their work on British Values last year where we took part in a real election in school to select our School Councillors. Did you know Alan Mak was a school councillor when he was younger? Year two were very knowledgable about David Cameron having written wonderful reports about him in Year One.


Knowing we have a visit to London coming up, the children were keen to find out more about the work and life of an MP. We discussed what makes an effective question, and we were impressed with the quality of questions year two managed to think of. Mia asked Alan Mak "What issues have you had to deal with since you were our MP?", Taylor wanted to know "How much time do you spend in the Houses of Parliament?", whilst Jacob used the information on Alan Mak's website to ask more about his education querying "What did you study at the University of Cambridge?" and "Why did you want to work for the Conservative party?".


Just Different Workshops

Alison Wright visited Year 2 on 11th September and conducted 'Just Different' Workshops with them.  These sessions are designed to enable children to understand how Alison and other people with disabilities/difference can still do the things they do, just in a different way.  Alison Wright's disability is called Thalidomide, and the children asked some wonderful and inquisitive questions.  Alison demonstrated how she uses her feet to do every day tasks that many people use their hands to do. 


Alison even set Year 2 a challenge: 

  • Can you write with your feet? 
  • Can you pick something up with your foot?

Why not test this challenge out at home and see how you and your family get on!

Habitats in our local environment

Having explored our class creatures' pond habitat yesterday, the children used an aerial photograph of the school and the school grounds to think about the range of animals we have living in our locality.  The pupils made some predictions about the type of animals we might find, reasoning that there would only be small creatures, such as ants, in the car park as they might get squashed by cars if they were too big!

On Transition Day Year 2 had the opportunity to explore the habitats of their new class creatures, dragonflies and pondskaters.  They made predictions about how the pond would look different in September, and used keys to discover the correct name for the different animals we found.  Later, using clay, the children made some fabulous models of dragonflies and pond skaters, thinking hard about the texture of the water and bodies.


Year 2, 2014-2015

The penultimate week of the summer term proved a busy one for Year 2.  The Year 2 performance, Pirates versus Mermaids, went off with a bang and the children demonstrated how much they have grown during the year.


The Minstead residential and wire workshops swiftly followed.  Parents were welcomed into school with their children to create fantastic wire lily pads with Miss Brown and Mrs Goodwin, whilst Miss Melly and Mrs Livingstone took some children to Minstead for a two night residential.


There are more photos of all 3 events on the Pondskaters web-page. 

Year 2 excelled in their performance of 'Pirates versus Mermaids'.  They spoke clearly and all joined in with the fabulous songs!  We even made and decorated biscuits to sell to buy a present for one of our classmates and raised a fantastic £86.  Thank you to all who came to watch, and especially to parents for providing their costumes.

Dragon's Den at Crookhorn School

People at Asda, Waterlooville

An expert group of Year 2 children visited our local Asda store in Waterlooville.  We did some shopping, on a budget and worked out how much change we get.  We also interviewed members of the public, enquiring why they chose that store, as well as asking which special offers they go for and why.  Finally, we did some extra research thinking about which aisles we would like if we made a store for children, and which stores we could do without.

Clay Literacy!

Year 2 were set a challenge:  6 afternoons; 1 expert group visit; 1 Year 2 - Year 3 day; 1 ride with a rotating movement.


They flew with this project and demonstrated their work at our DT fair alongside Year 6 and Year 4.  They worked well together in teams and produced group folders containing all of their work.  Every single child in Year 2 should be proud of their fantastic achievement, particularly considering we were fighting the spread of Chicken Pox at the same time!  Children who were absent came back in and picked up where their group had been working from.  Well done!

Following our learning about the Hindu Festival of Holi, and using our knowledge of Diwali from Year One, we created our own Hindu art.  We created Rangoli patterns, using our colour wheels to think about the complimentary primary and secondary colours.  We used a mixture of poster paint and PVA glue to carefully go round the outline of our shape. We used Brusho Ink, which turns water a different colour as if by magic, to fill in the gaps.


On Friday 6th March we celebrated the Festival of Holi by taking part in a colour paint festival.  We had lots of fun and were all very colourful by the end of it!

World Book Day - Storyteller; Stories from Another Culture

World Book Day started with a bang when a Storyteller came in.  He wowed us with his memory - he knew so many stories!  He told us three tales, similar to traditional tales in England, but these stories came from other cultures....we heard a story from Ghana and one from North America!  Music accompanied his performances and brought his amusing stories to life...

Healthy Hearts, a visit by a Doctor...

Healthy Hearts, a visit by a Doctor... 1
Healthy Hearts, a visit by a Doctor... 2
We were very lucky when Dr Iddles, who is a Doctor for the Navy came to visit us in school.  He taught us all about how veins carry blood to our heart while arteries carry the blood away.  Did you know your heart is the size of your fist?  We compared the size of our hearts to the teachers....there was quite a difference!  Dr Iddles brought in a stethoscope - we could hear the heart beating really loudly!

We had a fantastic day at Chichester Cathedral where we took part in a number of workshops which were centered around the collapse of the Spire in the 1800s.  We heard the story of the events leading up to and after the events and ordered some photos; we working hard as historians to use sources to help inform our knowledge.  We explored the Cathedral and searched for evidence which could help us prove who was to blame for the spire's collapse.  Some wonderful drama from the volunteers at the Cathedral acted out a courtroom scene (similar to our trial of Guy Fawkes!) and we determined who was to blame!


Our maths, science and design technology skills were then called upon as we built structures which would rival those of the original builders of the Cathedral!  An art session finished off our day where we worked with metal to emboss an image of the Cathedral.


As ever, we received some complimentary feedback from Cathedral staff who said that "all the children were polite and well behaved", acting with "great enthusiasm" and were "interested and motivated to ask questions and learn as much as they could from the activities on offer".  A wonderful day was had by all, with one pupil daringly offering that it was "the best trip we've had so far!"


If you can't spot your child in these photos, why not look on the Pondskaters page?

Using our knowledge from our visit to Butser, we had a go at building our own Iron Age village.  Not only did we work as historians recreating the past, but we incorporated our Science learning about materials.  We used paper, a flexible material, as an easier alternative to the flexible and waterproof hazel sticks used in the past.  We had lots of fun using the hay to make the houses.  As with any good science experiment, some of us encountered some problems with our designs.  Wonky sticks led to some sloping roofs - we are all very impressed with how our ancestors built these on a full scale!

The BFG - writing workshop and Dream writing

Some Year 2 children went to Marlborough Infant School on a fantastic writing workshop all about the BFG.  They created dreams and kept them in a jar, they wrote about giants and described some dark and spooky caves. 


Staff at Marlborough Infant School (and Miss Melly) agree that the children "worked really hard and did some lovely writing".


The rest of Year 2 heard all about their visit and are now trying to create their own dreams, but this time they are creating nightmares!  Let's see if we can scare Year 1 with our terrifying pieces of creative writing...


Check out the Pondskaters page for more photos.

Year Two had an exciting trip to Butser Ancient Farm on a very blustery day in January.  Thankfully the weather didn't put us off and we got a real feel of life in the Iron Age.  We did a number of activities including chalk carving, wattling, spinning and archaeology.


Staff at the centre were very impressed with our pupils saying they were both "enthusiastic and well behaved".  Well done Year Two!


Check out the Pondskaters Class Page for more photos.

Creating an Iron Age Granary Store

Christmas Performances!

We are so proud of Year 2's fantastic participation in all of our Festive concerts.  The last two weeks of term were full of performances including the Waterlooville Festival, the Listen 2 Me Concert and, of course, our two performances of Tinsel and Tea Towels.


Year 2 looked fantastic alongside the older years and proved that size (and age) makes no difference when singing your heart out!  A big thank you to all Mummies and Daddies who provided those all important pieces of tinsel and tea towels, as well as being a fantastic taxi service and audience for our afternoon and evening performances.


Well done!


Below are a few photos of our Christmas play as well as some of the other exciting festive fun we've been having in school.  A colouring competition showed our artistic skills, whilst a fantastic afternoon of Christmas Partying led to the demonstration of some rather impressive dance moves...

Over the past couple of weeks Year 2 have been busy working as designers, creating and making some puppets.  We have explored a number of ways of attaching material from sewing and Velcro to some very sticky fabric glue!  We poured over Christmas books to have a look at which characters from the Nativity we could turn our puppets into.  We've gone for a wide variety from angels and Mary to Wise Men and Kings.  Our design brief was simple - a puppet based on a character in the Nativity story with at least one part which can come on and off.  With expert visitors in the form of Mrs Melly and Mrs Wood, Year 2 are ready to sew and stitch any problem that comes our way!


Photos of the finished products to appear shortly - you might even see some of our puppets in our Christmas play - keep an eye open!

Waterlooville Music Festival

On Tuesday we marched down to St George's Church in Waterlooville to take part in the Waterlooville Music Festival.  Year 6, Year 2 and Year R sang their hearts out.  We were joined by Hart Plain Junior School who treated us to some songs and instrumental music.


Year 2 sang and spoke beautifully, sampling one of the songs from our upcoming Christmas play "Tinsel and Tea Towels".  Our pupils joined together in a lively version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  Year Two have done us proud and we hope that it has given you a taster of what is to come in our Christmas Play (performance on Tuesday 16th December)!

Christmas at Sainsbury's!

Whilst some Year 2's worked hard in a Mathematical Biscuit Challenge with Mrs Livingstone, Mr Wood and children from our local schools, Miss Melly led a group of sculptors.  Our challenge was to make clay heads of Guy Fawkes or King James I, using the previous Year 2's work as a fantastic example.  We worked hard to create textures, using a variety of material to distinguish between King James and Guy Fawkes.  When you come in for Maths morning why not have a look!

Children In Need - Dress as a Superhero


We had a very successful and busy trip to London on Friday 7th November.  A big thank you to all Mums and Dads who managed to get themselves (and their children) out of bed for a 7am start!  The day was crammed full of exciting events from wreath laying at the cenotaph, taking the Thames clipper to Greenwich, and experiencing a 4D film extravaganza at the London Eye.  Some of year two travelled on the underground, others acted out the story of Guy Fawkes by the Houses of Parliament, whilst a small group explored Buckingham palace, watching the changing of the guards.


Below are a few photos from our trip; more are loaded on the Pond Skaters page so why not take a look there?

Guy Fawkes- Guilty or Inncocent?

Remember, Remember....

Still image for this video

Year 2 are getting ready to visit the cenotaph in London by making a Poppy Wreath.

Year 2 - A group of 12 Year 2 children went to a Football Event at Southdowns College

Open Box Theatre - The Victorian Seaside


Year 2 had a fabulous day when the Open Box Theatre group came to join us for the morning.  We travelled back in time to the Victorian times in 1887, after Queen Victoria had been on the throne for 50 years.  We travelled on a steam train, rode donkeys, ate penny licks, took part in a brass band playing in a bandstand, and even saw a Punch and Judy show.


We even had an opportunity to explore real Victorian artefacts in a mysterious hamper which was found in a local museum.  After exploring and unwrapping the objects we decided that the owner of the box had been a young Victorian child, most likely a girl.  She would have been quite wealthy as she had lots of exciting toys...


Trip to Southsea

We had a very successful trip to Southsea in the sunshine.  We looked at different transport links, work and leisure opportunities, and even managed to send a postcard to Mrs Aspland (don't let her know!).


More photos will follow but here are just a few to show you what we got up to!  We managed to see the hovercraft come in and go, located the sights we've learned about in Geography and saw them in real life, as well as exploring the historical aspects of Southsea including the war memorial and seating area.  We even managed to find a compass drawn on the floor to help us lcoate North, South, East and West.  Some groups looked closely at the maps using coordinates to help them.

Some photos from Southsea...

We spent the first week outside exploring our local environment.  We went down to the pond and saw lots of Dragonflies and Pond Skaters.  We did some pond dipping and caught some creatures.  We had a go at sorting the different objects into groups according to size, weight and colour.


One dragonfly even flew into our classroom - Mr Wood managed to catch it with a butterfly net and we all had a look at it!

Exploring our local environment