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Admission Arrangements


We would like to invite you to come and have a look at the school to see if this the right environment for you and your family.  Being part of this school means being part of the Springwood Family and we are proud to be part of this family.


Why not take a look at our 'Good' Ofsted reports, our results and the class pages to get a feel for us.


We have the following sessions available for you to book a space to visit for new children starting school in September 2019 are:

Friday 9th November at 4.30pm and

Thursday 6th December at 9.15am

Please contact the school office to book a space or if you need to make alternative arrangements.


We believe that every child is unique.  So if you do decide to start with us, please make an appointment to meet with a senior leader and tour the schools and we will agree a starting date and induction plan with you.


Please refer to the Admission policies by following the link below and the Home-School Agreement to understanding the responsibilities we will all have to play at the start of this partnership.

When you choose your child's school its important to consider -

Will my child be nurtured and cared for?
How recent was the inspection report? Is it likely that things will have changed since it was written?  For example, has there been a change of headteacher?

What do the school's published results tell you about how well children learn at the school?

How welcome do staff make you feel on the phone and when you visit the school?
Did you and your child feel safe on site?
Did you see confident, happy children working alongside adults and other children?

Did the school displays and classrooms look exciting, bright and cheerful?
Would you want to be a 4 year old in the school?
Look at the school's prospectus through the eyes of your child...does it make you want to join the team?

What is the lunch provision on offer?

What sorts of clubs does the school offer?
Does it have a breakfast club or after school club?
How often do children experience offsite visits to enrich their learning in school?

Do children want to attend school every day?

How large are the class sizes?
How many teaching assistants does the school employ alongside the teachers?

How well does the school work with other partner schools?

How comprehensive is the induction programme?
Does the school offer home visits for your family and visits to your child's preschool?