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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

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Things to know:

Our PE days are Mondays and Thursdays.

We have 'Early Reading Morning' every Tuesday (26.09.17 to 28.11.17)

Hampshire Fire and Rescue!


This week, we had a visit from the Hampshire Fire Service! The children thoroughly enjoyed finding out about fire safety and can talk confidently about how to stay safe at home and at school.


"Matches and lighters never touch, they will hurt you very much!"
"Get out, stay out, call 999!"


The children were able to explore the fire engine  in order to get a feel for what it is like to prepare for a real 999 call! They used the hose to put out a pretend fire and some of us were lucky enough to steer the fire engine!

Home Learning

We would like to say a big thank you to parents for being so supportive of their children and their home learning. We can already see an improvement in the children’s ability and a noticeable difference in their confidence. Keep it up!

Remember! Please log everything that you have done with your child at home so that we can easily assess whether you have met the Home Learning requirements.


Science - The Fairy Forest!

During transition week, the children were extremely excited by a ‘mysterious’ letter sent from Mr Weeks. He told the children that there were tiny people fluttering around in the meadow and that they must investigate!
After exploring the school grounds, the children found ‘glitter’ covering a variety of flowers and plants in the meadow – but why?!

We used this as a ‘hook’ into the children’s learning. We talked about creating our own fairy forests to attract even more fairies to our school grounds!

The children had to use their understanding of plants and flowers to predict, plant and investigate which would grow best and where (which season, which area of the school, etc). The children were given a bulb each to plant. They had to think carefully about the area of the school grounds that they would choose to plant it and whether it would have enough sunlight, water and a suitable temperature to grow well.



In English, the children have been exploring poetry. They have used expanded noun phrases to set the scene of a pond in Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. They can now explain the meaning of an adjective, noun and a verb and can apply this in our writing!
To improve their learning even further, the children used synonyms to encourage greater vocabulary.

Here are some examples:

“frozen pond cracking”
“long branches snapping”
“tall trees dying”
“sunset leaves fluttering”
“icy water rippling”
“peachy flowers blossoming”


The children have been working hard to secure their knowledge and understanding of place value and recognition of numbers to 100. They have been using practical resources to represent their understanding and have applied this to different problems across a range of contexts.