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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Ladybirds and Butterflies

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Things to know:

Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays.

We have 'Early Reading Morning' every Tuesday (26.09.17 to 28.11.17)

Home Learning: We look at both home learning books every Monday.

We swap Maths games every Tuesday.


Ronda Armitage

Our author of the month (November) is Ronda Armitage. We have been reading lots of Ronda Armitage books in school.

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English - Non-Fiction Writing

We have started our new unit of non-fiction writing.


We are linking it to our class creatures and our Science lessons (animals including humans). We started our learning by investigating the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. We talked about the differences and sorted books into non-fiction and fiction.


We then started to look at the features of these non-fiction texts and labelled the features of a simple information page.


We have also watched a clip of a video about underwater animals and generated our own questions about things we would like to find out. We used question words such as 'Who, Why, When, How, Did, Can' and made sure every sentence had a question mark '?' at the end.

Jill Murphy

Our author of the month (October) is Jill Murphy. We have been reading lots of Jill Murphy books in school.

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Room on the Broom -Julia Donaldson

Our author of the month (September) is Julia Donaldson. We have been reading lots of Julia Donaldson books in school.


Coincidentally we had a "witch" lose all her items (a hat, a sock, a skirt, a broom) in our school grounds. We investigated what could have happened and have used this as inspiration in our English lessons.


Over the last couple of weeks the witch has left us clues about who she is and what could have happened. She wrote a letter back to Molly, lent us her story book of 'Room on the Broom' and even sent us a video of her adventure.


Check out the pictures below of all the exciting things that have happened so far.


Maths - Ordering and understanding number


We have been learning about number in Year 1. We have been using lots of resources to understand and order a range of numbers. Number formation is really important so we have been using our maths toolboxes to help with this.


Check out our learning photos below.

Class Creatures


We have been searching for our class creatures, Lucy Ladybird and Ben Butterfly, around the school grounds. We have been looking at where would be a good place for our creatures to live. We have thought about what they would need to survive and be healthy.


Check out our learning photos below.