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Foxes and Squirrels


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Things you need to know.

Squirrels have PE on Monday afternoon and Foxes have it on Thursday afternoon.

Please help your child to practice changing into and out of their clothes. Some clothing can be tricky and things like socks and tights can be difficult when you are four or five.


Home Learning

In Foundation Stage we ask that you share a book with your child and practice flash cards three times each week. If you read anything (not just the book chosen at school) please  write it into the reading log and we can see what you enjoy reading outside of school as well. 

Please ensure your child's book bag with Reading Log and Flashcards come into school everyday as they are often needed here as well as at home.


Have you checked out the Kid's Zone yet? There are lots of fun games to play and opportunities to keep on learning when you are at home! 

Learning Journals

Your child will have a Learning Journal and this is where we store all the observations that we make about what your child is learning. We also stick in any Proud Clouds and Guess What's that you send in. These are always available on the table outside and also in the classroom. The more you tell us about what your child enjoys and what they have been doing the better we can tailor the learning to suit them.


 Everyone has settled into school really well and are becoming increasingly confident. Here is a selection of photo's taken in the first few weeks of term.

We invited families to come for lunch in our first week. It was great fun!

                                                            Welcome to PEEP!

PEEP has been very successful over the last year at Springwood. The children and parents have formed good relationships with each other and have enjoyed sharing their learning together, at home and during the PEEP sessions.

To celebrate its success a case study has been published on the Peeple website, click on the link and take a look!

Here are a few photos to share with you showing what we love about PEEP!

Parent comments include:

"PEEP gives me quality one to one time with my child which has brought us closer"

"Its fun and informative!"

"Spending time together and talking to other parents and giving each other advice."



Pyjama Drama

Pyjama Drama came to school in October. They told us how to stay safe when we cross the road and we all wore bright colours!

Rock Up!

In November we went on our very first school trip. We went on a coach and had a very friendly driver who played Disney music for us. When we arrived at Rock Up we split into two groups. Some of us went into the soft play area and others went to the climbing zone and we swapped after lunch.

We had a fantastic time challenging ourselves to see how high we could climb up the walls. Some were very difficult but we all tried our best and some of us were surprised at just how high we get. When we wanted to come back down we could climb down but lots of us were real dare devils and jumped down trusting the ropes to keep us safe.

Faye was amazing because she got the very top of the stairway to heaven!

We were tired on the way back to school and a few of us fell asleep.

Have a look at the slideshow below.

What are we learning?

As you know young children learn best through play and below is a link to some games that will support what they learn in school while they are at home with you. If a child attends school everyday day that they can then they are here for about 1,000 hours every year, but that also means that they are at home for about 7,500! 

If you help your child with their flashcards and play these games with them then you are reinforcing what your child is taught in school and that will mean learning happens faster and becomes more embedded.

Apart from the maths and phonics that your children will be learning they will also be using the technology of computers, laptops, tablets etc., and as we assess this at the end of the year as well so you really are helping them with all of their learning.


Happy playing! 

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic phonics

This is a very useful clip demonstrating how to say the pure sounds that help children learn to blend words and begin their reading journey. have a listen on your own or with your child.

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with Synthetic Phonics.

Proud Clouds and Guess What's

Over the Christmas holidays I am sure you will have some fun things planned and it will be a fantastic opportunity for you to add to your child's Learning Journal. Below are a few ideas of what would be really useful to capture and share with us.


It is a good time to support your child to dress and undress independently and to keep track of all  of their clothing/pyjamas so that they can find them later. A proud cloud to tell us that they have mastered tights, socks ,  buckles is always welcome........ and it helps our PE sessions run smoothly!


If you play any of the games on the web pages shared above let us know. It may mean that your child been practising their skills and now really understands something that they were not sure of when they broke up for Christmas. It also tells us that they are using technology appropriately.


One of the Early Learning Goals that we assess is all about children talking about their own lives and things they have been doing. It talks about children understanding similarities and differences and can talk about their families, communities and traditions so if you visit family or friends, or you always go to the 'panto' at Christmas tell us about it in a Guess What.


Finally I know that some of the children attend dance, drama, and acting clubs so don't forget to let us know what has being going on with those!





Christmas Lunch 08/12/12


We had great time at our Christmas lunch, we each had crackers which were fun to pull and listened to Christmas songs!


Can you spot yourself in the pictures?

Stay and Play sessions


Tuesday from 2:30-3:00

Wednesday from 8:45-9:15

Thursday from 2:30-3:00


Stay and play sessions will be starting as of the 22/01/18. Please come into the classroom and find out more about what your child is  learning. Every stay and play session has a different focus. Tuesday has a phonics focus. On Wednesday has  a writing focus and on Thursday has a maths focus. There will be lots of different activities in the environment for you and your child to engage in. We look forward to seeing you all.


Phonic Workshop


On Wednesday 24 January 2018 EYFS invited you to attend a Phonic workshop. We talked about how phonics support your child to read and write and how you can help them with this.


Links to some websites were shared as were some useful sheets to help you to know what your child is learning in each phase.  Children should be secure in phase 3 and some will be working in phase 4 by the end of reception year.